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The name DYNO®-MILL UBM speaks for itself: Universal Bead Mill. It was developed for universal use. The new generation of WAB agitator bead mills covers the entire range from dispersion to ultra-fine grinding. It is suitable for grinding bead diameters from 0.2 to 2.5 mm. The newly developed grinding system with its large screens allows processing with high throughputs and of high-viscosity products. One of the strong points of the DYNO®-MILL UBM is the extremely even distribution of the grinding beads in the active grinding chamber. This allows stable and effective process parameters to be determined quickly and easily for the pass and circulation modes.


The new generation of  DYNO®-DISC BC agitator discs was specially developed for this series.
These feature unique Bead Channels in combination with a closed outer contour. 
The bead channels ensure the efficient acceleration of the grinding beads along a precisely defined path. During operation, each of the bead channels creates two efficient grinding circuits between the agitator discs that work in opposite directions.

New grinding chamber system
1 Product inlet 
2 DYNO®-DISC BC (Bead Channel) 
3 Grinding circuits operating in opposite directions 
4 Even distribution of the grinding beads in the active grinding
5 DYNO®-ROTOR BS (Bead Separation) 
6 Large screen for high throughputs 
7 Product outlet

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The DYNO®-MILL UBM is an agitator bead mill with a high production capacity. The new mill is user-friendly, simple and economic in operation.
The grinding chamber is at an ideal height for operation as well as for quick and convenient cleaning. 
When the chamber is opened, the grinding beads are drained into a robust stainless steel collecting vessel that is permanently integrated into the machine housing. From the collecting vessel they can be easily transferred to other containers. With the DYNO®-MILL UBM production mills, it is not necessary to open the grinding chamber in order to replace the screen.
The high wear resistance of the DYNO®-MILL UBM extends the maintenance intervals and, thereby, reduces maintenance costs. Backed by WAB's unsurpassed after-sales service, this mill generation guarantees optimal machine availability.

  • Unique grinding principle based on the innovative DYNO®-DISC BC agitator discs (patent pending)
  • Suitable for high throughputs
  • Ideal for the dispersion and grinding of highly viscous products
  • Long screen service life
  • Suitable for pass mode and circulation mode
  • Wide range of materials for selection of the optimal machine equipment
  • Use of grinding beads between 0.2 and 2.5 mm
  • Grinding chamber volumes from 0.5 to 100 litres
  • Ideal grinding chamber height enables ergonomic working
  • High wear resistance and thus reduced maintenance costs
  • Low-maintenance, double mechanical seal for the most exacting requirements
  • Robust, stainless steel collecting vessel for the grinding beads permanently integrated into the machine housing
  • Closed machine housing
  • Low noise level

Specifications overview



Grinding Chamber Volume (Liter)0.5319.655.394.6
Active Grinding Chamber Volume (Liter)0.4117.450.686.6
Mill Drive (kW)4305590
Required Cooling Water Supply (L/h)250 - 400800 - 20002000 - 40002500 - 4500
Weight (kg)120 - 1401150 - 12501900 - 21002800 - 3100
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)895 x 725 x 7301785 x 1025 x 18002265 x 1290 x 20802560 x 1305 x 2270

Changes in design reserved. The performance data quoted is intended solely as a guide and depends on the product to be processed.