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WAB US Corp. aquires TURBULA® Exclusive North American Rights

Muttenz, Switzerland, Sep 1st, 2021 WAB US Corp. is pleased to announce that beginning September 1, 2021, we are the exclusive supplier for all TURBULA® goods and services within North America, replacing long-term partner Glen Mills. The aim is to strengthen WAB-GROUP’s presence in the North American market, The unique design of the TURBULA® 3D shaker mixer provides high mixing efficiency, with short mixing times ensuring an extremely gentle mixing process.  The mixer series, which includes the T 2 F, T 10 B, and T 50 A, allow hygienic work, are easy to operate, and are available in container volumes ranging from 0.1 to 55 liters. These features make the TURBULA® a popular mixer in laboratories and production. In addition to the TURBULA® mixer series, WAB US Corp. is also the exclusive North American supplier for the full series of DYNO®-MILL bead mills. The DYNO®-MILL line comes in a full range of highly customizable options to meet the rigors of a variety of applications. WAB-GROUP’s North American subsidiary, WAB US Corp., recently opened an assembly and warehouse facility in Allendale, NJ. This facility includes a Process Technology Center where clients can conduct product trials under laboratory conditions. With an extensive material grinding program, our goal is to supply the perfect mill by taking into consideration both product and processes. In addition to that  tailored trainings for smaller groups and seminars on all WAB products can be offered. « From our Allendale, NJ, location, we strive to dispatch wear parts within 24 hours of order receipt and take care of repairs and complete overhauls of our long-lasting milling equipment, ensures Gerhard Kschwendt, CEO WAB US Corp.. “Our goal is to strengthen our brand and furthermore being a strong and reliable partner for our customers in North America», says Erich Ermel, CEO WAB-GROUP about the organizational change.

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