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Change of Managing Director at Willy A. Bachofen GmbH, Nidderau, Germany

Nidderau, Germany, 20.01.2023

For more than 37 years, Andreas Wittkamm has represented WAB very successfully on the German market and has led Willy A. Bachofen GmbH as Managing Director for 21 years. He has now decided to step down from his leadership role at Willy A. Bachofen GmbH and will go into his well-deserved retirement end of March 2023. Since 1st January 2023, Henryk Sommer has taken over the management of Willy A. Bachofen GmbH in Nidderau, Germany as Managing Director.

In his initial role as Sales Engineer, Andreas Wittkamm was the driving force behind the market penetration of the DYNO®-MILL series on the German market. When WAB founded its German subsidiary in 2000, Andreas Wittkamm became Managing Director. Since then, Willy A. Bachofen GmbH has continuously developed and is a leading player in dispersing and wet grinding technology as well as mixing technology.

Henryk Sommer is a renowned industry expert – he is holding an engineering degree and has completed successfully postgraduate studies in international welding technology. He has extensive experience in sales and services of high technology capital equipment. Henryk Sommer joined WAB in 2022, has gained intensive milling and mixing knowledge and is now looking forward to his new assignment: "Germany accelerates transformation into a greener, more sustainable and high technology economy. As WAB, we want to support our customers on this transformation path into the future in the best possible way with high-quality and innovative products as well as the best services."

Erich Ermel, CEO of WAB-GROUP® thanks Andreas Wittkamm for his outstanding commitment and the successful years at WAB. Moreover, he wishes Henryk Sommer great pleasure in his new role and a prosperous future with the WAB-team, customers and business partners.

Erich Ermel