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WAB-GROUP® NEWS for the North American Market

WAB US Corp. – Exclusive Supplier of DYNO®-MILL and dyna-MIX® Technology for North America

Allendale, NJ -  WAB US Corp., a WAB-GROUP® subsidiary, is now the exclusive North America supplier for DYNO®-MILL agitator bead mills and dyna-MIX® shakers-mixers with the aim of continuing the trustful and successful long-term relationship with existing and new customers.

Since 1933, WAB-GROUP® has stood for quality and reliability. The DYNO®-MILL has revolutionized wet-milling technology with the continued development of the agitator bead mill. Technology innovations, like the new UNIVERSAL BEAD MILL (DYNO®-MILL UBM), allow for ultra-fine grinding with very narrow particle size distribution at maximum milling efficiency.
WAB US Corp. will continue to strengthen WAB-GROUP® business acumen through its professionally equipped test facility, spare parts offering, and unrivaled technical support for all models of the DYNO®-MILL and dyna-MIX® brands.

DYNO®-MILL wet-milling technology has demonstrated its effectiveness to improve key properties and is the efficient way to process high-quality products in a wide field of applications for the chemicals, paints and coatings, printing inks, pigments and dyes, ceramics, sintered materials, coatings, agrochemicals and microelectronics industries.
Diverse DYNO®-MILL models are available in different designs and sizes, offering the ideal solution for each application. With grinding chamber volumes from 80 mL to 600 L, we are your “one-stop shop” for wet-milling technology. The mill components, material, and grinding bead separation system can be adapted to the individual needs of each application and it allows for the production of a greater variety of products and improved physical properties. 

Test the DYNO®-MILL and dyna-MIX® in our laboratory.  
Contact us today at +1-973-873-9155 for more information.

WAB US Corp.
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