Dynamics and precision in the reaction process

The scope of chemistry is outsssive and extends over many different areas.ive industries, research fields and everyday applications. With our technologies we contribute to progress in chemistry, to develop to develop solutions that improve our quality of life and solve problems in various areas..

Mixing Technology

Response through innovation

Our application areas have a fascinating variety

Additives & Auxiliaries

In various areas such as food-chemistry-the plastics industry and many others, additives and excipients are used to improve certain properties or functions of products. These can include colorants, preservatives, thickeners, stabilizers and a variety of other substances. Our 3D shaker mixers ensure that additives and excipients are homogeneously incorporated into a mixture. This we guarantee the desired properties and functions of the end product.


Adhesives are substances used to bond materials together. They can come in various forms and consistencies, including liquid or gel-like forms. With our 3D shaker mixers can be used in adhesive production the components of adhesives homogenizedchemical reactions gepromotedtadditives and fillers evenlysevenly mixed.


In the plasticsindustry different types of raw materialsmaterials are used. These can be in the form of granules, powders, flakesflakes or other particles. Our 3Dshaker mixers homogenize thise different components. This ensures a constant material and color with constantr quality.

Metal powder

Metal powders make it possible to produce materials with targeted properties, whether in terms of strength, conductivity, hardness or even color. The quality of the end product depends strongly on the homogeneous distribution of the powders or particles in the starting material. Our 3D-shaker mixers guarantee the highest homogeneity due to their unique movement..


O-rings can be individually beschicoated be coated. This is done by fixed or liquid substances. The decisive factorr iis that a small amount of these substances on a large number of O-rings uniformly must be applied. These special coatings provide protection against aggressive UV-irradiationhlungs, chemicals, temperature fluctuations and abrasion. Our 3D-Shaking Mixers offer the efficient solution.

Radioactive substances

The use of our 3D shaker mixers in combination with radioactive substances is a challenging and at the same time äusserst significant field. This technology provides a precise and controlled method for mixing and handling radioactive materials in research, medicine, industry but also in waste processing.


The innovative mixing technology of our 3D shaker mixers offers an efficient and precise method to achieve the necessary additives to be mixed in. This uniformitysThis uniformity is essential to ensure the quality and strength of the final product.arant.

Flow Chemistry

Response through innovation

Our application areas have a fascinating variety


The use of our innovative WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR in the production of biodiesel marks a significant advance for the bioenergy bioenergy industry. With our technology will be in thesem noveln production process, not only energy savings are realized, but also a significantly higher production throughput is made possible. Our WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR uses kinetic energy and precise reaction control to achieve assefficient conversion of raw materials. The resulting acceleration of the reaction rate leads to shortened reaction times and helps to reduce energy consumption during the manufacturing process.

Cellulose extraction

Our innovative WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR embodies the perfect symbiosis between chemical and mechanical separation of cellulose fibers. This unique combination sets a new standard in pulping and processing technology. The fractionation of Lignocellulose is an important process in biochemistry and biotechnology, in which Lignocellulose, dhe main component of plant biomass, is divided into its main components: Lignin, Hemicellulose and Cellulose. This fractionation enables the targeted further processing of these components into a wide range of chemical products and molecules with broad application in various industries.


The integration of our WAB IMPA°CT REACTORs in the furfural production from hemicellulose not only simplifies the production process, but also contributes to the sustainable use of biomass. This technology makes it possible to produce valuable chemical products in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.


Our WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR opens up a novel method for the functionalization of heterogeneous catalysts. Its unique technology enables targeted reactions on the supportsurface, releasing unprecedented levels of performance. By precisely controlling reaction conditions, specific functional groups or structures can be created to maximize catalyst selectivity and efficiency.

Synthesis components

The manufacturing process of Solketal is based on the formation of a ketal-ring between acetone and glycerol. This process takes place under acidic conditions. Dith the use of our WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR the reaction additionallme acceleratedt, in a continuous process carried out and a higher yield at Solketal achievedt be achieved.

Additives for vulcanization

Zinc monoglycerinate is used as an additive for the vulcanization of rubber and in the plastics industry. The WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR enables a high reaction temperature and is predestined for the the production of ZnG.

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