Food refinement

The product properties of foods can be specifically improved by our solutions. Fine chocolates with fascinating aromas, natural colorants with high coloring power and shelf-stable suspensions. They also enable the production of alternative foods, food supplements and reduce or replace additives in conventional foods.

Grinding and dispersion technology

Maximum taste pleasure and improved texture

Our application areas have a fascinating variety

Aromas / flavors

Our agitator bead mills are used to used to process solid flavors and their particles and suspend them in a liquid. In this process step, these subjected to mechanical action, friction and shear forces. As a result, flavors are extracted, multiplied, and brought to a uniform to a uniform particle size and particle distribution. This contributes to the homoghomogeneous distribution of the flavors and enables better integration into food and beverage products.


The use of our agitator bead mills in the the productionproduction of substitutes is an innovative technology in the food industry.. Dhese enables traditional ingredients to be replaced with alternative ingredients to create healthier, allergen-free products or the TowelauswReduce the effects of. This method can be used in several food categories, including bakery products, snacks, beveragesn and manym more. In addition, products with am higher content of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. can be produced.


Dhe use of our agitator bead mills in the wet vhe use of our agitator bead mills in the wet grinding of natural food colors enables higher color intensities and more uniform coloring. The end products products have an appealing appearance and and uundesirable sedimentation is are eliminated.

Food supplements

The use of our agitator bead mills for wet grinding enables efficient extraction of nutritional supplements such as the astaxanthin from organisms. This process contributes to bei, the cell walls cell walls, um to allow access to the desired ingredients.possible. The homogeneous mixture produced is then further processed, isolated and used in food supplementsn, animal feed or food colorantsn used.


Our agitator bead mills are used in the food industry alsoh at chocolate production used. This solution includes the crushing of chocolate masschocolate, chocolateingredients (cocoa beans, sugar, soy lecithin, etc.) or fillings. In a liquid environment are the particles reducedtthe texture improved and the properties of the chocolate changed.

Pet food

Our agitator bead mills are used in the processing of feed, especially for animals such as pigs, poultry or fish., are used. In the foreground are dhe well-being and health of the animals. In wet grinding, the raw materials are ground into a fine mass, with water or another liquid added to facilitate the grinding and make the resulting water or other liquid is added to facilitate grinding and make the resulting mixture more malleable. This process contributes to to improve the digestibility of the feed and optimize nutrient uptake by the animals.


Maximum taste pleasure and improved texture

Our application areas have a fascinating variety

Spices and herbs

The way spices, Herbs and Tea are mixed together can have a significant impact on the flavor, aroma and overall experience of a dish. With our 3D shaker mixers not only ensure homogeneous mixing results can be achieved, but also coatings such as e.g. tea with aromasmen.


The mixing of Hops is an essential part of brewing beer and has a decisive influence on the taste, aroma and bitterness of the final product. Hops is not only used for beer production, but can also be used in other applications such as teas, essences and flavors.

Food flavorings

With our three-dimensional Shaking mishers the food flavors are optimally homogenized and evenly distributed over the entire volume.

Chocolate powder

Mixing chocolate powder allows you to combine different flavors and aromas. From classic cocoa to variations such as chocolate with a mint flavor or orange-flavored chocolate, there are numerous ways to vary the taste.


Maximum taste pleasure and improved texture

Our application areas have a fascinating variety


Our innovative WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR embodies the perfect symbiosis between chemical and mechanical separation of cellulose fibers. This unique combination sets a new standard in pulping and processing technology. The fractionation of Lignocellulose is an important process in biochemistry and biotechnology, in which Lignocellulose, dhe main component of plant biomass, is divided into its main components: Lignin, Hemicellulose and Cellulose. This fractionation enables the targeted further processing of these components into a wide range of chemical products and molecules with broad application in various industries.


The use of biomass instead of erpetroleum-basedr additives is an increasing trend in food production.. Flow Chemistry enables a continuous product flow and a residence time within the WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR that is tailored to the product.. Excellent surface renewal enables particularly efficient activation of reactants and catalysts, which in turn reduces the overall energy requirement and a higher yield.

Application Case

Special applications

Discover application examples where WAB-GROUP solutions have proven themselves.


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3D Shaker Mixer


3D shaker mixer for container volumes from 0.1-55 liters

Special Agitator Bead Mill


The perfect agitator bead mill for research and development with a grinding chamber volume of 80 ml

Laboratory Agitator Bead Mill


The laboratory agitator bead mill enables the use of DYNO-MILL UBM and ECM-AP technology and is ideal for R&D.

Laboratory Agitator Bead Mill


The high-performance laboratory mill produces the finest and narrowest particle distributions down to the nanometer range

High-Performance Agitator Bead Mill


The ideal agitator bead mill for high throughputs and highly viscous products

Universal Agitator Bead Mill


Efficient dispersion and fine grinding solutions for your products

Discs Agitator Bead Mill


The mill is suitable for numerous applications and all types of grinding media materials

Discs Agitator Bead Mill


The ideal disk agitator bead mill for small productions

Laboratory Agitator Bead Mill


The laboratory agitator bead mill is flexible in terms of grinding chamber size, material selection and grinding technology

Agitated Bead Mill Reactor


An inductively heated agitator bead mill reactor for continuous flow chemistry

3D Shaker Mixer


3D shaker mixer for tank volumes from 40-1000 liters

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