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The combiination of mixing with surface treatment is an important approach to optimize materials and surfaces and give them specific properties. Surface finishing encompasses a variety of techniques that are used to improve the external properties of a material.ssere layer of materials, whether for aesthetic, functional or protective purposes. A wide range of effects can be achieved by integrating mixing techniques into the surface finishing process.

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In the medical world of implants, the quality of the surface finish plays a crucial role in the success and compatibility of implants. The use of our 3D shaker mixers in the implant production accelerates the process of deburring and polishing.. Due to the simultaneous processing of several implants in one mixingprocess, productivity is increased and and to efficient and precise process. gemacht.

Mechanical Parts & Micromechanics

Surface finishing of mechanical components involves more than just achieving a glossy finish. Due to the multidirectional movement of our 3D shaker mixers removes burrs, sharp edges and rough spots, reducing the risk of weak spots or wear.


The Verschleistest with our 3D shaker mixer evaluates the effects of the mechanical stress on die Textiles. This includes e.g. material wear, compound consistency and color fastness. The test results help to understand how long the textiles will hold up under heavy use.

Watch parts

Surface finishing of watch components involves more than just achieving a shiny finish. The multidirectional motion of our 3D shaker mixers removes burrs, sharp edges and rough spots, reducing the risk of weak spots or wear.

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3D Shaker Mixer


3D shaker mixer for container volumes from 0.1-55 liters

3D Shaker Mixer


3D shaker mixer for tank volumes from 40-1000 liters

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