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Wear tests are used in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical and more. They help select appropriate materials, evaluate product life and durability, and optimize products for specific applications. Wear testing is a critical tool to ensure that products can withstand the demands of their real-world use and maintain expected performance over time.

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Coated materials

A wearstest of coatings by the use of 3D-shaker mixers and abrasive material is a method for evaluating the abrasion resistance of surface coatings. This test simulates conditions in which a coated surface is repeatedly subjected to mechanical abrasion and wear.ss as might be the case, for example, in industrial applications or in everyday life. Through the use our three-dimensional shaker mixer you can simulate maximum wear and abrasion - reproducibly and with repeatable accuracy.

Electronic devices

The use of our three-dimensional shaker mixers for stability tests of electronic devices is the best method to determine the loadslimits of electronic devices under the most severe conditions. This allows to verify be checked whether shocksvibrations or otherother external forceseffects have an influence on the functionality of the devices.

Mechanical devices

The use of our three-dimensional shaker mixers for stability tests of mechanical equipment is the best method to determine the load limits of mechanical components under the toughest conditions. This allows us to check whether shocks, vibrations or other external forces have an influence on the functionality of the devices. of the devices.

Fashion Accessories

The use of our three-dimensional shaking mixers for fashion accessories is an exciting way to create long-lasting and durable accessories and tested at wear and tear. Fashion accessories, such as shoes, bags, belts and jewelry, must withstand daily wear and tear while complementing the wearer's personal style and aesthetics.

Special paper (money, tickets, etc.)

The use of our three-dimensional shaker mixers for the testing of special paper for applications such as banknotes, tickets and other documents with increased wear.s is critical to ensure security, durability and authenticity. Specialty papers are used in sensitive areas where protection against counterfeiting, durability and long shelf life are required.


A wearsstest of textiles by abrasion simulation in our three-dimensional shaker mixer is a procedure that simulates the abrasion resistance of textiles under controlled conditions to evaluate their durability and resistance to abrasion. This test helps to determine the performance of textiles and can be of great importance in the development of textile products as well as in quality control and material selection decisions.


Watches are not only timeless accessories, but also precision instruments that must withstand daily use and possibly harsh conditions. To ensure the longevity and durability of watches. Wearsstests simulating various everyday situations. During the wear test with our shaker mixer, various factors can be analyzed, such as the wear of watch straps, the movement of watch movements or the resistance to shocks.ssand shocks.

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