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Cell Disruption


The DYNO®-MILL products can process several types of algal and yeast strains, bacterial strains, and other strains, thus meeting or exceeding our high customer expectations within the given constraints. Our extended customer base uses all sizes of agitator bead mills for cell tearing.


With a chamber volume of up to 300 litres, the DYNO®-MILL KD technology and the DYNO®-MILL MULTI LAB are successfully deployed for process development and for the development of commercial applications.

Usually one or two discrete passes through our milling system are sufficient to achieve more than 95% yield through cell breakage. With process optimization by our specialists this value can be increased to almost 100%.

Thanks to our processing expertise, we can offer our customers advice on how to maintain the required temperatures of their biological suspensions while imparting the desired rate of mechanical energy. With the most critical parameter in the majority of cell disruption applications under control, the remaining parameters can be optimized to achieve the most effective disruption of cell walls.

At its process technology centre, the WAB-GROUP® offers customers the possibility to perform cell disruption trials with DYNO®-MILL equipment in order to verify the process parameters.