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Carbon nanotubes (CNT) are honeycomb-structured fine tubes with a diameter of a few nanometres. By dispersing the agglomerated carbon nanotubes in powder form in an agitator bead mill, they can be separated and stabilized. This can take place in either water, solvent, oil or in other liquids like glycerine. 

The exposed surface and the associated enormous increase in viscosity during the process require a controlled dispersion process. Targeted dispersion makes it possible to change the physical, electrical, mechanical and conductive properties – even allowing the carbon nanotubes to be orientated in the final application.

The areas of application are manifold and very diverse:

  • Antifouling for marine paints and coatings 
  • Aerospace industry (EMI Shielding)
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Building materials 
  • Semiconductor industry (transistors) 
  • Sporting goods
  • Electronic components (displays)
  • Plastics

The combination of highly viscous products, smallest nanotubes and a controlled dispersion process places the highest demands on the agitator bead mill. The WAB mills can meet this challenge.