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Marine paints and coatings have to perform under the most difficult conditions: They must be resistant to seawater, fresh water, diesel oil and various chemicals, algae and temperature fluctuations. In addition, the semi-hard coatings are expected to exhibit gloss, richness, extreme resistance to light, weathering and abrasion. 

Besides the necessary chemical requirements, the surface properties are important: For example, the surface structure of the paint has a major influence on the frictional resistance of the ship's surface when passing through waters. By wet milling to finer particle sizes, the frictional resistance can be reduced – thus reducing the energy consumption of the ship. 

It is therefore important that the surfaces remain as smooth and free of algae and crustaceans as possible. This is achieved by addition of antifouling additives. 

The combination of all required properties leads to the formulations of marine paints being abrasive in processing. The above mentioned factors consequently influence the equipment of suitable agitator bead mills.

We can assist you in selecting the suitable wet-milling technology for marine paints and coatings, the right machine size and optimum process control.


This application is enormously challenging because wood is used as a natural material in all conceivable areas of life. The requirements vary in a way that no other coating application does: A whole world of difference lies between an outdoor paint and a coating for children's toys!

An outdoor paint must primarily protect the wood from the influence of weather. Furthermore, aesthetics play an important role: Should the wood grain be completely concealed or is a certain transparency desired?

By choosing the appropriate grinding parameters, you can control the gloss and transparency of the wood varnish, for example. Depending on the choice of pigmentation, particle distribution also improves the UV resistance.

When formulating paints for children's toys, the regulations drastically reduce the choice of ingredients. The main focus is therefore on the production of a coating that meets all statutory requirements.

Whether organic or inorganic pigments, water-based or solvent-based: We can help you find the ideal mill.