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Pharmaceutical Industry

Machines in the pharmaceutical industry have to meet the highest requirements: They have to guarantee safe and reproducible production processes in order to achieve precisely defined active substance properties.

Our high-quality WAB DYNO®-MILL PHARMA agitator bead mills have been successfully used for decades in various applications in the pharmaceutical industry. They are also capable of successfully mastering even the most challenging wet-milling tasks.

We have a wealth of experience in equipping pharmaceutical laboratories and production units.


Many modern active pharmaceutical ingredients have poor solubility properties. Bioavailability can therefore become a challenge in product development. This is where the DYNO®-MILL PHARMA wet-milling technology helps: By reducing the particle sizes during wet grinding, the available active ingredient surfaces increase over-proportionately strongly and improve the bioavailability of the active ingredient. Pharmaceutical compounds with a crystalline structure are particularly suitable for mechanical wet milling.

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Selected active ingredients are produced under sterile conditions using wet-milling technology. The introduction of a sterile production line is always a challenge and requires close cooperation between the customer and the machine manufacturer. At the start of a project we take the necessary time to clarify all technical requirements and to create a complete requirements specification.

The DYNO®-MILL PHARMA series offers machines which were specially developed for sterile production. The most important features are:

  • Cleaning-In-Place (CIP)
  • Sterilization-In-Place (SIP)
  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic control of the CIP/SIP process
  • WAB SCADA system (compliant with 21 CFR Part 11) for control, data acquisition and data processing available as an option
  • Machine production in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)
  • Material certificates in compliance with FDA requirements

We utilize our decades of experience in wet-milling technology in the pharmaceutical industry to develop optimum solutions in close partnership with you. Our professional project planning and control ensures the shortest and most reliable delivery times.


The FDS, DQ, IQ and OQ qualification documents required for validation plus the certificates for process-relevant machine components (calibration and material certificates) are available for all DYNO®-MILL PHARMA installations. On request, we will also conduct the Factory Acceptance Tests on our premises or the Site Acceptance Tests on your premises.

We cultivate a project-oriented approach and by means of clear communication we ensure the timely implementation of your pharmaceutical project.