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Imunitions are of critical importance because they are one of the most effective measures for the prevention of infectious diseases. They protect against diseases, their spread in the population and help prevent severe courses of disease.

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Vaccines help make the body immune to a disease by introducing an attenuated form of the pathogen, an inactivated form, or a purified form of the pathogen. This allows the immune system to develop an immune response without the person having to go through the disease itself. Once the immune system has recognized the pathogen, it can build a protective immune response that will protect the person from future infections.

The production process includes a number of steps such as propagation in bioreactors, mechanical disruption of the cells, separation by centrifugation, filtration and ultrafiltration, purification, protein selection, combination of different virus strains and filling into vials, ampoules or syringes.

Mechanical disruption of the cells is achieved with agitator bead mills from WAB-GROUP. This process step makes it possible to open the cells without damaging the ingredients. The gentle disruption makes the subsequent process steps possible in the first place. For this central step in vaccine production, WAB-GROUP has been providing the necessary process technologies for over 50 years.

The requirements for this process have increased greatly in recent years. In the 1990s, cleaning of the parts in contact with the product was carried out by means of chemical sterilization; today, the mills are designed aseptically and sterilization is carried out on site fully automatically with steam. These measures improve process quality and safety in the production of vaccines.

The associated challenges could be mastered by the engineers of the WAB-GROUP, in collaboration with our customers new concepts for the production developed and implemented.

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