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In our increasingly electrified world, electrical engineering plays a central role, whether in power generation, communications, information technology, automation or in medical technology. With our solutions, we contribute to the innovative development of increasingly complex components.

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Workpiece polishing

Electronic components are polished using our 3D shaker mixer to reduce the surface roughness of the contact surfaces. On smooth surfaces, there are fewer bumps or barriers that could impede contact between electrically conductive materials. Lower contact resistance allows more efficient flow of electrons and thus better electrical conductivity. To achieve this, the surfaces to be polished and the polishing medium are processed in the 3D shaker mixer. The polishing medium consists of small particles or abrasives, such as abrasives made of plastic, ceramic or metal.

Mixing Technology

Insulating materials

Insulating materials prevent the flow of electrical current and are used in electrical wires, cables, circuits and electrical equipment. Examples include plastics such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), glass, ceramics and various resins. The mixing process is an important step in the production of insulating barriers, as it affects the homogeneity and desired properties of the final product. With our 3D shaker mixers, we always guarantee the perfect homogeneity in the mixing process.

Mixing Technology

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3D Shaker Mixer


3D shaker mixer for container volumes from 0.1-55 liters

3D Shaker Mixer


3D shaker mixer for tank volumes from 40-1000 liters

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