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The aim of every mixing process is the even distribution of individual substances to a precisely defined level of homogeneity. WAB focusses on 3D shaker mixer technology, which can handle even the most difficult applications: for example, mixing components with very varied specific weights, different particle sizes or large differences in concentration. This is where our mixers TURBULA® and dyna-MIX® achieve the highest possible mixing quality in the shortest possible time.

Both TURBULA® and dyna-MIX® series complement each other and allow the use of mixing containers with a volume of 0.1 to 1000 litres. The finely graded machine sizes range from tabletop models in the laboratory to industrial production mixers.
Further fields of application of our 3D shaker mixers are the polishing and deburring of  metal parts as well as endurance testing of mechanical and electronic components.