Grinding and dispersion technology

Discs Agitator Bead Mill


The mill is suitable for numerous applications and all types of grinding media materials

The first horizontal agitator bead mill

The original agitator bead mill from WAB is a true all-rounder.

By consistently expanding the variety of materials, the material quality and, if necessary, by adapting these models to highly specialized customer requirements, this type of agitator bead mill has also been used in many applications today for decades. The DYNO-MILL KD disk mills are available with grinding chamber volumes from 0.15 to 600 liters and are suitable for virtually all types of grinding media materials.


In the horizontal grinding chamber, the specially shaped DYNO agitator discs are arranged symmetrically on the agitator shaft. They transfer the kinetic energy required for grinding to the grinding media. Especially in the passage mode, together with the right process parameters, these disk mills still achieve outstanding grinding results today.

The specific design of the individual machine models depends on the grinding chamber volume. The models DYNO-MILL KD 20 to DYNO-MILL KD 60 are optionally available with a dynamic friction gap separator or a screen separation system.

Proven grinding chamber system

  1. Product inlet
  2. DYNO-Stirrer discs in various materials
  3. Coolable grinding container with replaceable grinding cylinder
  4. a Dynamic gap separator, b Sieve separation
  5. Product outlet


  • Ideal for passage driving with constant efficiency and for reaching with the narrowest grain size distribution
  • The ideal equipment for every product with the selection of a wide range of materials for the wear parts in contact with the product
  • Grinding media sizes from ø 0.5-2.5 mm
  • Ideal cooling properties: The forced guidance of the cooling water in the outer jacket allows the processing of temperature-sensitive products
  • Easy handling - each DYNO-MILL KD can be disassembled in just a few steps and a quick changeover to a different mill configuration is guaranteed
  • Easy operation and setting of operating parameters
  • Scale-up to all machine sizes of the DYNO-MILL KD series due to consistent grinding concept
  • Low operating and maintenance costs

Customized solutions

Our experience helps us to meet your process needs for projects with different and special requirements and to offer you a tailor-made solution such as the agitator bead mill DYNO-MILL Pharma.


Find more information about our disc agitator bead mill in compact form as PDF file. Proven a thousand times over in the world of dispersing and ultra-fine wet grinding.

Technical specifications

TypeMULTI LABECO5KD 6 (6)KD 6 (8)KD 20 BKD 20 BSKD 25KD 25 SKD 45 DKD 45 DSKD 60KD 60 SKD 120A190 A280 AKD 600
Grinding media separation gapxxxxxxxx
Grinding media separation sievexxxxxxxx
Grinding tank volume (liters)0.15-1.456816,518252646496062128196296612
Capacity range (l/h)1-5020-20020-15020-20070-50070-500100-700100-700180-1000180-1000200-1300200-1300300-2000500-3000800-50001000-8000
Drive mill (kW)3.3-4.01010-1512.5-17.517.5-2417.5-2424-3024-3036-4536-4536-5836-5855-7555-8470-110160-250
Cooling water requirement (L/h)250-400800-1000800-2000800-2000800-1500800-1500800-1500800-15001800-25001800-25001800-25001800-25002000-40002000-40002000-50002000-6000
Weight (kg)95-125250-30080085070070085085016001600180018002500300032008000
Dimension L x W x H (mm)680 x 740 x 580101 x 797 x 654 1300 x 1025 x 13851412 x 1025 x 13851500 x 882 x 15151515 x 882 x 15151740 x 882 x 15151754 x 882 x 15152030 x 1210 x 17802060 x 1210 x 17802205 x 1210 x 17802235 x 1210 x 17802900 x 1360 x 21303100 x 1360 x 21603270 x 1360 x 21303900 x 2495 x 2018
Design subject to change without notice. The indicated capacities are guide values and depend on the product to be processed.

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Our comprehensive range of mills is sure to include the ideal model for your most demanding product. Our proven experience helps us precisely meet your process needs for projects with diverse and specialized requirements.

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Laboratory Agitator Bead Mill


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Discs Agitator Bead Mill


The ideal disk agitator bead mill for small productions

Discs Agitator Bead Mill


The mill is suitable for numerous applications and all types of grinding media materials

Universal Agitator Bead Mill


Efficient dispersion and fine grinding solutions for your products

Laboratory Agitator Bead Mill


The high-performance laboratory mill produces the finest and narrowest particle distributions down to the nanometer range

Special Agitator Bead Mill


The special agitator bead mill for nanosuspensions

Special Agitator Bead Mill


The perfect agitator bead mill for research and development with a grinding chamber volume of 80 ml

Laboratory Agitator Bead Mill


The laboratory agitator bead mill enables the use of DYNO-MILL UBM and ECM-AP technology and is ideal for R&D.

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