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The term "cosmetics" is derived from the ancient Greek word "kosmetikos", which means "the art of adorning". Cosmetology is a field concerned with the scientific study, application, and practice of cosmetic products, procedures, and technologies to improve the appearance, health, and well-being of skin, hair, and nails. Our solutions ensure the most efficient comminution and dispersion of pigments, fillers, active ingredients and other solids in a liquid base.

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Basic molecules

The use of biomass instead of petroleum in the cosmetics industry is an increasing trend in the quest for sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Flow Chemistry enables a continuous flow of product and a residence time tailored to the product within the WAB IMPA°CREACTOR. Excellent surface renewal enables particularly efficient activation of reactants and catalysts, which in turn reduces the total energy requirement.

Flow Chemistry


The use of nanoparticles increases the effectiveness of the solid in creams. The formulation becomes mostly transparent, thus reducing whiteness during application, facilitating application to the skin and offering a broader spectrum of protection against the various UV rays, especially in sun creams. The use of our advanced agitator bead mills allows for continuous development and improvement of the properties and efficacy of creams and skin care products.

Grinding & Dispersion Technology


In cosmetics, dyes and pigments are used to add color to products. With our 3D shaker mixers, we ensure that the dyes and pigments are evenly distributed. A homogeneous coloration, color intensity and color consistency are thus achieved. This is important to ensure that the end products meet quality standards.

Mixing Technology

Skin/Sun Protection

Skin and sunscreens containing nanoparticle titanium dioxide are an advanced type of sunscreen product. Titanium dioxide is a mineral active ingredient used in sunscreen and lotions to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. In nanoparticle form, titanium dioxide is broken down in such a way that the particle size is in the nanometer range. Our agitator bead mills offer you the most efficient and reliable way. 

Grinding & Dispersion Technology

Injectables in cosmetic surgery

In cosmetic surgery, the exact composition of injectables is crucial for optimal results. Here, our 3D shaker mixers set new standards: Their three-dimensional movement ensures homogeneous distribution of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin with the fillers. This ensures not only reproducible mixing results, but also compliance with GMP specifications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mixing Technology


Our agitator bead mills are a key technology used in the cosmetics industry for the production of lipsticks. In this process, pigments are dispersed in a liquid phase and comminuted. This is of decisive importance to achieve the desired color strength and opacity with minimum raw material and energy consumption.

Grinding & Dispersion Technology


Minerals have become an unstoppable trend in cosmetics, as they not only deliver glamorous color, but also offer skin-care benefits. From flawless foundations to shimmering eye shadow, mineral-based products offer a natural alternative. It is all the more important that these valuable minerals are homogeneously distributed in the formulations. This ensures consistent quality for the user. With our 3D shaker mixers, this is guaranteed.

Mixing Technology

Nail polish

Modern nail polishes are usually composed of two components: the gel and the pigmented colour paste. When the gel is ground, the focus is on the flow properties and gloss. With the separately milled color paste, the main focus is on the coloristic properties such as color strength, color location and gloss. In combination of all properties, the gel base and the color paste complement each other to form a ready-to-use nail polish. We offer the entire range of agitator bead mills for the production of high-quality gels and color pastes.

Grinding & Dispersion Technology


Mascara is a cosmetic product used to make eyelashes appear darker, longer and more voluminous.The solid ingredients, such as pigments and fibers, are wet-milled and dispersed in the liquid, avoiding the formation of lumps and achieving an even pigment distribution and texture. Our agitator bead mills help to achieve the desired consistency, color intensity and quality of the mascara and thus meet the highest customer expectations.

Grinding & Dispersion Technology


Our 3D shaker mixers are used in the cosmetics industry for efficient and precise mixing of additives in cosmetic products. From moisturizing hyaluronic acids to revitalizing vitamins and protective antioxidants, these additives help increase the effectiveness of cosmetic products. The three-dimensional mixing motion blends cosmetic formulations and additives in a highly homogeneous manner.

Mixing Technology

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Mechanochemical reactor


An inductively heated mechanochemical reactor for continuous mechanochemistry

3D Shaker Mixer


3D shaker mixer for container volumes from 0.1-55 liters

Laboratory Agitator Bead Mill


The laboratory agitator bead mill enables the use of DYNO-MILL UBM and ECM-AP technology and is ideal for R&D

Universal Agitator Bead Mill


Efficient dispersion and fine grinding solutions for your products

Special Agitator Bead Mill


The perfect agitator bead mill for research and development with a grinding chamber volume of 80 ml

Laboratory Agitator Bead Mill


The laboratory agitator bead mill is flexible in terms of grinding chamber size, material selection and grinding technology

Disc Agitator Bead Mill


The mill is suitable for numerous applications and all types of grinding media materials

Disc Agitator Bead Mill


The ideal disc agitator bead mill for small productions

Laboratory Agitator Bead Mill


The high-performance laboratory mill produces the finest and narrowest particle distributions down to the nanometer range

High-Performance Agitator Bead Mill


The ideal agitator bead mill for high throughputs and highly viscous products

3D Shaker Mixer


3D shaker mixer for tank volumes from 40-1000 liters

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