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The relationship with people and employees has moved Willy A. Bachofen throughout his life. His thoughts on the subject were characterized by the will to preserve his life's work, the company, even beyond the end of his life.

The Willy A. Bachofen AG Corporate Foundation

Characterized by pioneering spirit: Paving the way and securing the future of the WAB-GROUP

In 1933, WAB was founded by Wilhelm Arnold Bachofen. With great skill and commitment, he managed the original craft and trading business and developed it into an industrial company. In the 1960s, he and his team successfully introduced two innovations worldwide: first the TURBULA, the three-dimensional shaker mixer, then the DYNO-MILL, the first agitator bead mill with a closed, horizontally arranged grinding chamber.

Willy A. Bachofen used the company's 65th anniversary in 1998 as an opportunity to implement his strategy for securing the company in the long term, maintaining its independence and safeguarding jobs in the future: A company foundation transfers shares to deserving and long-standing employees of the parent company Willy A. Bachofen AG for beneficial use. These employees have the rights and obligations of an ordinary shareholder during their period of employment. When they leave the company, the shares are returned to the company foundation.

Willy A. Bachofen passed away in Basel on April 28, 2000, in his 89th year. His unconditional business ethics, his sense of corporate responsibility and his principle of sustainability continue to form the cornerstones of our company's vision and mission.

That is an art to find! He found gaps for novelty. He found the right people to make things happen. He found new patents and new locations. He found his wife, he found representatives for his machines and he found solutions for problems.

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