WAB-GROUP supports education of paint technology specialists in Indonesia

Jawa Barat, Indonesia, 03.07.2024

Reach Your Success with Strong Academic Vocational & Social Skill - This is the slogan of SMK Mitra Industri MM2100, an Indonesian school that educates students according to the needs of industry and with an entrepreneurial spirit.

The school trains students in areas such as accounting, electricity, machinery, hospitality, motorbike and car automotive, electronic industry and paint technology.

On 3 July, the school's new department for paint technology opens. As a mechanical engineering company specialised in the field of paints and coatings, amongst others, we are very proud to provide the school with a TURBULA 3D shaker mixer and a DYNO-MILL UNI LAB agitator bead mill as training equipment. The foundation for a good education is high-quality training material.

We are pleased to be one of the partners of this outstanding school, which emphasises values such as honesty, responsibility, discipline, teamwork and care for others and the environment. We would also like to thank our partner PT. WAHANA MITRA ADIPRAKARSA, who represents us locally and trains the students on how particle sizes and homogeneous mixtures can influence the colour strength, gloss or opacity of paints.

Find out more about SMK Mitra Industri MM2100: https://smkind-mm2100.sch.id/