Global rollout of the newly defined vision, mission and corporate values

WAB-GROUP, worldwide, 01.09.2023

This week, the newly defined vision, mission and corporate values of the WAB-GROUP were presented in a worldwide team event. With this, we are laying the foundation for a new path into the future.

At the headquarters in Switzerland and in the 6 subsidiaries, employees engaged with the vision, mission and the 5 corporate values in open discussions and interactive group activities. Employees contributed their own experiences and ideas on how to move forward together in this new phase.

The journey to our corporate identity is a constant process. It is an ongoing discovery where we grow and develop together. Through team events like this, we not only strengthen our connection to our vision, mission and values, but also our connection to each other as dedicated colleagues on an exciting journey into the future. Together we can achieve great things!

Strengthened by this lively exchange, we look positively to the future and pursue our ambitious corporate goals.

Directors and Divisional Managers